Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chapter 6- Teaching with Educational Websites and Other Online Resources

Focus Question
What are WebQuests and virtual field trips?
   “WebQuests are online inquires by students- designed and guided by teachers (Milson & Downey, 2001; Molebash & Dodge, 2003).” Basically, this is a website view by students to help with a lesson, students can navigate through the WebQuests to identify their needs for the lesson. Teachers can set up reviews, examples, objectives of papers and even create an evaluation, which helps teachers know that they have acquired the knowledge from their quest. Virtual field trips are taken your classroom as a whole or in groups to different places without the expenses of a real field trips. Some trips require a webcams and double TVs in order to communicate while others just required the use of one computer and a projector. This helps students be able to see things without leaving a classroom or school. Some children enjoy it because they won’t have to be taught by a tour guide but their teachers and they can pause and ask questions in confident. Both are very good tools to use in your classroom just keep in mind the other type of learners you may have that are strong learners or deaf.
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Tech tool Link

This tool link is amazing because it keeps track of all the websites you have decided that useful to you. I enjoy using this websites and will continue to use it through my career. In some of my classes we use great websites and I want to use it later on in other classes but I tend to lose little post-its very easily so now that I have my delicious account I just write it down and then go on it and add it on to my account! SO if you do not have it get it now it’s very useful and you will find it very easy to use.
This chapter was very informative with giving me a view on many resources that will help me teach my lessons. I’ve learned that some of the resources are very easy to use and that I sometimes need to modify them to use them in my classroom. I enjoyed learning where to find certain subjects like standards, curriculum etc.
Maloy, R. W., Verock-o, R. E., Edwars, S.A., & Woolf, B.P. (2010). Transforming learning with new technologies. Allan & Bacon


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  1. Delicious is a fantastic tool and using it as a bookmark is only part of its power! You can also get a 'bookmarklet' for the browser that you use on your computer that makes saving a website to delicious even easier!

    Looking for a bit more depth in your summary - reflect on detail and expand on how you might explore in your classroom in the future.