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Chapter 8: Communicating and Networking with Websites, Blog, Wikis, and More

Focus Question
How can teachers use wikis to promote collaborative learning?
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A wiki is a website or blogspace that is collaboratively edited and maintained by a group of people (EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, 2005, July). Wikis are basically used to help students out with the lessons or objectives being presented to the class. Teachers can use them to promote collaborative learning by letting students create their own or to follow the teachers. Wiki gives the students control over what they learn and what they need to learn. Teachers can assign students to create their own on certain topics like science/history projects then allowing a presentation to the class. Teachers can even create their own wiki and then present it to the class then have the class add on as the lesson develops and even grade the page to the rubric the teacher creates for this assignment.
Tech Tool Link
Moodle seems to be a very interesting website although I did not download it on my computer I did watch the video below and found that it can easily be used and has some great resources for the students to like online test and resources. I would recommend this be used in classrooms everywhere it is kind of like a blog or a wiki page. Children can take test and do it numerous times depending on teacher. It gives them the control instead of learning in one way which would be the way the teacher teaches her classroom.
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This chapter revolves around ways that teachers and students can communicate ideas online and in the classrooms. It teaches us as future teachers how to be able to teach our students in many ways whether it be wiki, blogs, or just one website. The tech tool links used are all informative to teach us how to set up different websites and how and what to use them for. Students should be able to communicate with peer/teachers through the internet and in person. I know I have said this before but I wish I knew how to make blogs or my own wikispace in high school it would’ve came in handy when I wanted to do a big project but didn’t want to use PowerPoint or just a simple poster. This chapter really kept me on my feet on how effective blog posts or wikispaces can be to our future students.

Maloy, R. W., Verock-o, R. E., Edwars, S.A., & Woolf, B.P. (2010). Transforming learning with new technologies. Allan & Bacon


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  1. Glad to hear you continue to learn in your reading - yes, it would have been nice to have had in your own schooling, but hopefully, you will remember to find a way to integrate as a teacher! :) Communication is vital and these tools are a great way to get there!