Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chapter 9- Creating and Sharing information with Multimedia Technologies

 Focus Question

What is multimedia technology and how can teachers use it to effectively create and share visual information dynamically in their teaching?  
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 Multimedia technology is when the students are able to learn with different technology like PowerPoint presentations or academically based video tapes. Teachers can use this effectively to create and share visual information by always bringing some time of technology into the lesson like a WebQuests or a PowerPoint to enhance the lesson so that the students can see it. This allows the students to member by a picture or can later go back to look at when reviewing. Not having multimedia technology causes the classroom to not be able to grasp the concepts or be able to use it for a project.

Tech tool Link

This website is very fun to navigate through you can show the student different artists’ paintings and you can also teach them about different art techniques. The students can create their own picture and it’s a great tool because they can show you that they know what they learn or if they understand the concepts. This website is a must use website and pretty self-explanatory on how to go through it. Above is a sample of what your  can do with the website.


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This chapter showed me a lot of new ways to teach my students using the multimedia technologies and showed me the differences between not being able to use it and being able to use it. I never realized that the technology is useful until now, I remember being a little girl and seeing my teacher use the overheads and it caught my attention but now I see all of this technology it is way more interesting. I would hate having to erase all my lessons and do them over and over again for each class that came in that day. Multimedia is very useful for teachers and our students being able to look back on it verses memorizing what you need to remember and a 50 50 chance that you would leave a little bit of information out.

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  1. Yes, technology continues to impact how education and learning are done...and, likely, will continue to do so. We have come a long way...but the impact of multimedia hasn't even been tapped to its potential yet! :)