Friday, April 12, 2013

Chapter 10- Promoting Success for All Students through Technology

Focus Question
How can teachers use Technology to create universally designed classrooms?
Teachers can technology to create universally designed classrooms by changing the setting of the classroom with to go along with the lesson or changing the way they deliver their curriculum. Teachers can use technology in their classroom in three ranges low tech, mid tech, and high tech.
·         Low tech referring to being able to change your classroom easily and inexpensive, and without the use of digital or electronic materials. For example take your chairs and desks in your classrooms, children come in many different sizes and shapes so have adjustable desks and chairs. Another example would be a student that works independently could work by themselves at a desk or a table.
·         Mid tech this is involves substantive shifts in organization and delivery of curriculum that may include the use of electronic materials. For example, still using the idea of your chairs and desks in your classrooms, being able to provide cushions specially designed for their seating. Another one would be a students working independently add a computer to help enhance learning and only allow websites that will help them with their project.
·         High tech allows integration of the computers and other high tech technology in the classroom. For example, giving the students chairs with balls on the feet. Another example would be students that work independently give those students feedback about their individual work while they work on it.
Tech Tool Link
Jim Martindale’s website is very confusing, his website is very confusing and not very navigational would not recommend in using it. The video above is about an online calculator that is a lot better to understand the website is meta-calculator which is very cool. Meta-Calculator
This chapter was a bit confusing for me but I believe I understood a few things in it. Assistive technology helps children a lot even it is just a little bit of technology. We are going to be educators that will giving the new generation a new way to technology. Through this chapter I’ve learned new ways to create my classroom and what resources and tips I should use.

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  1. Recognizing that in many ways, every student has 'special needs' allows differentiated instruction and UDL to have benefit for all! :)