Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chapter 11 - Engaging Teachers and Students in Learning and Self-Reflection

Focus Question

How can teachers use participation systems as effective assessment methods?

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Student participation systems is known as classroom response systems or personal response systems. This allows student as one or a whole to do assessments such as quizzes or test.

Teaching with Clickers

      - Creating active learning for students. Instead of sitting and listening to teachers the students will be engaged with the electronic devices, feeling empowered or part of the lesson at hand.

-          Creating student involvement always a plus1 these devices create a game feel to the lesson making them more likely to be involved with the lesson. You want to make sure clocker numbers area a secret to save student embarrassment.

-          Providing immediate feedback! When using clickers teachers can provide feedback instantly and answer or clarify any misunderstandings of the question being presented.

-          Creating question-driven instruction which consist of giving students as one or a group a difficult question then asking them to answer them with the clicker then questioning the group or student why they decided on that answer.

Tech Tool Link
This tech tool link is very interesting because you can do almost everything that we did our class in one website well mostly everything. On top of it all you can always use it for a job presentation or college portfolio. I would recommend saving and looking into the detail of this website! It is not free but worth it for sure! I love it I wish to use this later on in the future for anything I would need it for. Check out the tutorial on it above.
This chapter as well as some other chapters has showed me once again how to help my classroom. My focus question brought back a few memories about clickers, it reminded me when I use to use the clickers in class each one had a number and everyone would know everyone’s number and sometimes I wouldn’t score so well so it made me not want to participate in class because people would say things if I got it wrong. Each student shouldn’t know each other’s numbers to save that feeling of others. I love that I am willing to connect with it because I know what not to put my students through.

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  1. You make a good point about the clicker numbers - unfortunately, it is difficult to sometimes keep those numbers private when distributing them. Now, there's a movement to use cell phones or other devices as 'clickers' and a web software program making it much more private. :)