Friday, April 19, 2013

Reflection Post- EME 2040

Photo Credit to Brian W. Ogilvie on Flickr

This class has taught me a lot of different things like how to work in technology into all my lesson plans.  I learned to use websites to communicate with my classrooms through bloggers, WebQuests, and Wikispaces. I came into this course thinking that I would know most of the things that would be taught to me easy peazy stuff but I quickly found out that wasn’t the case. This course has taken me around town on many websites and new ways to enhance my way of doing projects. Another thing that the course has taught me is about different alternative ways to teach children with disabilities. I found that even though my students may be disabled I can still teach them through many resources. The discussions were nice to have because I saw everyone’s insight in all the topics at hand and got feedback on my posts about the topics and that helped it feel kind of like a classroom. I have never taken an online course before because I was scared not being able to keep up with it and getting lazy about doing work etc, but it wasn’t like that most of the time. I loved how we could use the internet to communicate with the teacher and our classmates. I usually sell back my books from classes but with this book I will be keeping for the recourses that are inside of it and for teaching references and my future classroom. I got everything I needed to get out of this course which I am very grateful for and I would recommend anyone to take this course and to save all that they did in it for the future.



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  1. It was a pleasure watching you grow and develop in your technology skills for educational use. It is amazing what you can learn out there. :) Your first attempt at online turned out to be a good experience, I hope - there are definitely different elements that come into play, but you appeared to manage them pretty well. I wish you the best of wishes in your future classes and career, as well as a parent - all will involve challenges, but you have demonstrated fortitude and I know you can be successful.